Five Things That I Irrationally Hate.

Eastenders. The scripts are shit and it takes itself far too seriously. If I'm going to watch a soap, I want something a bit tongue-in-cheek (hello, Neighbours and Coronation Street). AND WHY IS EVERYONE ALWAYS SHOUTING?!

Tim Henman. It feels unfair to hate Tim Henman, because he does seem like a nice bloke, but I think this is part of the problem... He just seems irritatingly vanilla. Sorry Tim.

The song Sweet Child O' Mine. This isn't my least favourite song ever, but I do bloody hate it. I think the main problem here is that a lot of my friends like this song, so I am sometimes forced to listen to it. And it's long. There's a lot of song to hate.

People (well, it's normally children) sucking their jumper sleeves, or other absorbent materials. It makes me feel sick to my very core. *shudders just thinking about it*

Emails from Transport For London. I always feel like I need to read them, in case there's anything important, but there hardly ever is. And there are so many of them. I've had about nine about a bloody bike race that's happening when I'm on bloody holiday. I DON'T CARE BORIS!

Ahhh, that feels better.


  1. I agree about Eastenders. Strongly disagree about Tim Henman. I LOVE TIM HENMAN (even if he is a bit boring) x

  2. I don't like Eastenders either, the only soap I watch is Hollyoaks.
    Sweet Child of mine is one of those songs that I shout "I love this song" when it comes on, then I get bored of it! x

  3. seriously. i have the tfl app. i do not need your weekly updates, boris.


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