Reading Festival 2013: My Very Important Thoughts

Last weekend I went to Reading for the first time since 2006. As predicted, I did feel pretty old (there are a lot of 16-18 year olds there) but it wasn't too bad! I had an awesome weekend. So awesome, in fact, that I was rendered practically speechless for two days afterwards (too much screaming!).

Here's my thoughts:

Act that most surpassed my expectations: Without a doubt, Johnny Marr. I didn't know if he would even play any Smiths songs, so I didn't let myself get my hopes up. He played Stop Me..., How Soon Is Now?, Bigmouth Strikes Again and There Is A Light... Go and see him. You get to listen to Smiths songs without putting up with Morrissey's shit. I genuinely was speechless (and a little teary) afterwards, and not (entirely) because of the screaming.

Best set list: Green Day. The day before we left for Reading, I tweeted this:
At the time that was extreme wishful thinking, but they only bloody did it! The whole way through. My friend Kirsty and I usually dance hard, but this was something else... Apologies to anyone who was stood near me.

Best thing to put vodka in: This is a tie, between an inflatable beer cooler (for storage), slush puppies (for drinking) and my pants (for sneaking in).

Most disappointing band: Foals. I was so looking forward to them, and they played a rubbish set list. No Cassius, and I'm pretty sure they didn't play Bad Habit. Gutted.

Favourite new band: This is a difficult one because it was a great weekend for checking out new stuff... I think Savages. Or maybe Tame Impala. Or maybe Frightened Rabbit. DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE!

Most brilliantly eccentric band: British Sea Power. My favourite eccentricity was the 8 ft tall bears dancing and fighting in the crowd.

Best thing to do in the arena: Silent disco, baby! This is what actually ruined my voice (and my knees, and my ankles, and my self-respect...).

Worst thing to do in the arena: Female urinals. For some reason I decided to try it twice. They didn't call me 'Lizzy Pissy Pants' for nothing.

Weekend Wanderlust: Vis Island, Croatia.

We spent two nights on Vis, which is one of the less touristy islands. It took just over two hours by ferry from Split, and buying the tickets was easy. Although Vis town itself was quite busy, it didn't take long to find secluded spots.  I'm going to mostly let the pictures do the talking here, because the scenery was seriously beautiful.  We didn't do an organised tour or anything, we just walked from Vis town. Here's what we saw:

The streets had a real Mediterranean feel about them (probably something to do with being in the Mediterranean). I felt like I was walking through an olive oil advert.

Look how clear the water is! Amazing for snorkeling...

Just, wow... I don't think most of those pictures even need a caption (lazy blogger alert...).

*FOOD KLAXON* If you go to Vis, get a pizza at the Karijola Pizzeria. Mmmm, pizza...

Next week: Brac Island. 

Five Things That I Irrationally Hate.

Eastenders. The scripts are shit and it takes itself far too seriously. If I'm going to watch a soap, I want something a bit tongue-in-cheek (hello, Neighbours and Coronation Street). AND WHY IS EVERYONE ALWAYS SHOUTING?!

Tim Henman. It feels unfair to hate Tim Henman, because he does seem like a nice bloke, but I think this is part of the problem... He just seems irritatingly vanilla. Sorry Tim.

The song Sweet Child O' Mine. This isn't my least favourite song ever, but I do bloody hate it. I think the main problem here is that a lot of my friends like this song, so I am sometimes forced to listen to it. And it's long. There's a lot of song to hate.

People (well, it's normally children) sucking their jumper sleeves, or other absorbent materials. It makes me feel sick to my very core. *shudders just thinking about it*

Emails from Transport For London. I always feel like I need to read them, in case there's anything important, but there hardly ever is. And there are so many of them. I've had about nine about a bloody bike race that's happening when I'm on bloody holiday. I DON'T CARE BORIS!

Ahhh, that feels better.

Nine Of My Worst Habits

Completing about 90% of a task, then getting distracted before I can finish it properly. As I type this, I'm supposed to be packing for my holiday....

Snoring, starfish-ing, hogging the duvet, being impossible to wake up.... I am, essentially, a terrible person to share a bed with.

Laughing at inappropriate times. Usually when someone is telling me a story about their sick/dead pet. I know, I'm going straight to hell. 

Being completely unable to respond to compliments in an appropriate way. 

Singing whatever crappy song is currently on a loop in my head (not only that, singing the same two or three lines over and over again...). Right now it's, 'Sipping on coke and rum, I'm like so what I'm drunk, it's the freaking weekend baby I'm about to have me some fun....'

Being a massive pedant, and going on about it when I'm right about something. I cannot stop myself. I was a precocious child and I never really lost my love of being a know it all

I think these are my worst habits anyway. There's probably a whole load of other shit that I'm not even aware of... But it's ok, I'm still pretty much awesome.

Weekend Wanderlust: Split, Croatia

I got back Croatia on Tuesday and, well, it was rather awesome. I've split (HAHA) my photos up into three posts, starting with Split. 

We started and ended our trip in Split, using it as a base to explore some of the nearby islands. It's quite a compact city and it's really easy to travel in and out of, because the bus station, train station and ferry port are all in the same place. I wasn't really expecting much from Split (I was more excited about the islands) but I was pleasantly surprised by the city.

The most famous part of Split is probably Diocletian's Palace, or 'the Roman bit' as I like to call it. Most of the roman walls are still intact, and the area is a maze of alleyways filled with little shops, bars and restaurants. Definitely worth getting lost in.

I wasn't really expecting Split to have any decent beaches (although, to be fair, my pre-holiday research was a bit rubbish). We spent the afternoon at the beach and I was really impressed by the clarity of the water (and the lemon beer at the bar). I'm not sure of the name of the beach we went to (google isn't helping) but it was the one nearest the port. It was busy, but I reckon if you're willing to walk a tiny bit further you could find something a bit quieter. 

On the last evening of our trip, we walked up Marjan hill to check out the views over Split. The park area looks pretty massive, but we were short on time so we just ventured to the first viewing area. Added bonus: there's a bar there so you can have a drink and look over the city (and stop sweating after climbing up all the steps!).

Next weekend: Vis.

Happy days.

I seem to be in the habit of stealing post ideas from Beth at the moment. I'm not sure if this is down to my current lack of creativity, or my secret love of those questionnaires I used to email to my friends when I was 16. It's probably a mixture of both. 

Last week she posted a list of things that made her happy, and I've decided to copy her idea. Here's of few of the things that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside:

I couldn't do this post without linking you to the Just Little Things blog (again), which is dedicated to the little things that make life awesome... Go follow, it's ace.

In Pictures: Mumford and Sons at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Human Buckaroo!

In Pictures: Valley of the Rocks, Devon

In Pictures: Hyde Park, London

In Pictures: Greenwich Park

Well, in one picture, really. I have so much love for this view...