Weekend Wanderlust: Travel Questions

I saw this questionnaire on Beth's blog and I couldn't resist. Here goes:

1. Which airport would you like to never see again?
I've never had an awful experience at an airport... Trondheim airport massively freaked me out because I didn't realise that the runway sticks out a bit into the fjord. I genuinely thought we were going to land in the water.

2. What is your travel nightmare? 
Ending up stuck in a tower block-style hotel with nowhere to go and only a tiny pool to lie around. Or, you know, getting malaria and dying. 

3. Would your rather stay in a fancy hotel and do less activities or stay in a hostel and do more activities?
Hostel all the way. When I'm travelling on my own I actually prefer a hostel, because it's (usually) such a great way to meet people.

4. Do you have any pre-travel rituals?
Not really... Just list making. And a cheeky Wetherspoon's breakfast at the airport.

5. What is your favourite airline to fly with?
I've only ever done short haul flights so I don't really know... BA I guess.

6. If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Tran-Siberian. Moscow - Ulaan Baatar - Beijing. Yes, I have given this some thought. If only I was richer...

7. How do you survive long haul flights?
See question five. I guess it would involve a book, my mp3 player and a pillow. Oh, and snacks. Lots of snacks. Any excuse for a snack. I can sleep anywhere so I reckon I'd be fine on a long haul flight. 

8. What is your favourite stamp in your passport and why?
My Russian visa. It reminds me of an awesome trip. I actually can't believe that I was brave enough to go!

9. What are your top 3 necessary items for travel?
I'm guessing this question requires more thought than 'passport, medication, money'. I'm going to say camera, notebook, guidebook.

10. What's your favourite holiday photograph of all time?
Ooh, there are lots. I lost a lot when my old laptop died, so I'm going to go with one from last year's Poland/Berlin trip. It's the lake again! I don't think it's the best photo I've ever taken, but I loved the place so much...

If you do this post, give me your links (please).


  1. That lake is so amazing... I aspire to have one of those at the bottom of my garden. Just for you, obviously x

  2. WHat a lovely lake photo. It's been so long since I went on holiday, I can't wait to find some time to go somewhere.

  3. That lake looks beautiful, travel is such an enriching experience. You have seen some great places. We are currently in the middle of planning or honeymoon and I am so excited about some of the places we are going to be visiting! And also - hostel all the way, I totally agree xxx


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