In Pictures: Food, glorious food!

Bread, dips, and stuffed aubergine in a random Lebanese restaurant in Angel. SO GOOD.

Chicken and bacon burger at The Angel near Bournemouth.

Ice cream sundae at Joe's in Cardiff.

Massive custard slice from Tea and Cake on Wellfield Road in Cardiff.

Cream tea in Lynton, in Devon.

My first (and definitely not last) trip to Byron burger. 

I've also had a couple of great meals at Wahaca recently, but I didn't get any decent photos. 

Mmmmmmm, food. Seriously, I'll never be skinny.


  1. I am so glad that I've just had a huge meal, otherwise my trummy would be going crazy right now! That all looks so good! x

  2. Ah Joe's... I haven't been there since our visit, must rectify that soon x

  3. Burgers and a vanilla slice ... homer drool x


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