A New Venture...

As is well-documented on here, I bloody love a good cup of tea. And a slice of cake. And a cream tea. Mmmm, cream tea...

Excitingly (for me) I've set up a new blog dedicated to all the above.


The Cake and Tea Blog

It's on twitter here: @cakeandteablog

Right, I'm off to make a cup of tea. Not even joking.

I love books.

I bloody love reading. This is not a secret. In fact, I love reading so much that I did an English Literature degree. It turns out that, 'I love reading' might actually not be the most appropriate basis on which to select a degree, but whatever... Books!

I couldn't resist copying Beth and Amy Marie and filing in this little questionnaire...

What are you reading right now? Pompeii by Robert Harris. I expected to love it but so far it's just OK.

Do you have any idea what you’ll read after you’ve finished this book? I need to finish 'How To Leave Twitter' by Grace Dent. Then I want to read the new Khaled Hosseini book.

Five books you’ve always wanted to read but have never got round to? Off the top of my head: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, The Bell Jar, The Northern Lights trilogy. 

What’s the worst book you ever read? Hmmmmm. Villette is pretty self-indulgent, but it's not totally awful. I'm surprised that I don't really have an answer for this question. I'm normally excellent at hating things.

What book is really popular but you really hated? The Hobbit. I'm sort of tempted to try again, but life's too short to hate the same book twice. 

What’s the one book you recommend to everybody? To Kill A Mockingbird. 

Where do you usually get your books? Charity shops, the library, or as presents.

When you were little, did you have any reading habits? Yes, I read constantly. absolutely anything, from cover-to-cover. Particularly Babysitters' Club books. I even tried reading while walking, but I don't really have the co-ordination for that.

Have you ever bought a book just because you liked the cover? Obviously yes. Even though you're really not supposed to do that.

What was your favourite book as a child? Mary-Anne Saves The Day by Ann M. Martin, or The Suitcase Kid by Jacqueline Wilson. Actually, any of the Babysitters Club books. I wasn't very discerning.

Which book changed your life? Forever by Judy Blume. The sexual awakening for nineties teenagers everywhere... You'll never look anyone called Ralph in the eye again. Just read it.

What is your favourite classic book? Probably Wuthering Heights.

Five notable mentions? In addition to the stuff mentioned above (except The Hobbit): The Hunger Games trilogy, The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy, White Teeth by Zadie Smith, any Shakespearean tragedy, Val McDermid. I could go on...and on... and on...

I'm going to finish by linking you to my favourite regular reading posts: Sarah's Books Are Amazing, Alex's A Blogging Good Read, and to the ace book review blog, Judging Covers.


I think I might be getting a bit over-excited now. I might be the coolest person you know.

Emirates Air Line (or, 'Boris' Weird Olympics Cable Car')

I've been meaning to try Boris' weird Olympic cable car thingy for a while, and I finally got round to it a few weeks ago. We dutifully queued, then joined six others in a car. The women we were travelling with were absolutely terrified. It was sort of funny. Here's what it looked like (the journey, not the fear):

The only off-putting thing about it is it's location. Obviously it was useful during the Olympics, but now you're essentially getting a cable car from a (probably) empty conference centre to a (perhaps) empty arena. 

On the 'ExCeL' side, there is a weird exhibition about the environment... I don't really recommend it, unless you enjoy feeling scared witless about the future, in which case make your way over to the Mega Theatre. (I wish I was making this up). The O2 end has a lot more going for it, with a cinema and restaurants inside... And it's only a short bus ride to maritime Greenwich, which I thoroughly recommend.

Overall I'd say that, for the price, it's probably worth giving it a go if you're in the area (it's £3.20 for a single or £6 for a return journey on an Oyster card). Using Oyster also helps to skip some of the queues. Try and get in a car with someone who's terrified. It makes the whole thing much funnier. Well, funnier if you're the kind of person who takes a sick pleasure in other people's discomfort. I am totally that kind of person.

Looking Forward To...

I am getting seriously excited about: 

I want to do it all NOW. 
* petulant face*

Life Lessons #1

Waxing strip manufacturers that claim that their products are 'pain free' are lying bastards.

@HarryMyCatDied is well-worth following on Twitter.

If you end up stuck in a field with angry cows, the best thing to do is stay still. I got this advice from the mobile farm man, he was full of advice about my cow phobia. I'm pretty sure that was an appropriate use of his time.

These socks aren't actually invisible, they just can't be seen under shoes. Thanks for clearing that up, Primark.

Don't try and go up by getting on the 'down' escalator. You will look like an absolute tit, and won't get anywhere fast. 

When doing train make up, try to avoid getting mascara all over your cheek/blusher all over your jeans.


Picture this.

Two of my Blackberry's better picture-taking moments:

Now if only I could get rid of that bloody shutter noise. Any ideas?

The Apprentice, or Why I Am Awesome.

Firstly... This is series nine?! That makes me feel ancient.

The purpose of this post is basically for me to gloat that I predicted yesterday's firing before the episode even started. I know, I am amazing.

My winner? Leah. 

Also... EYEBROWS. 

The best thing about The Apprentice being back? It's another excuse to watch this:

Essay Hell, and a haiku.

Quick rant: I really want to blog, and I have loads of ideas, but no time. Why does this always happen?!

In the spirit of procrastination, I've decided to write you a haiku:

Stuck in essay hell.
Word limits make me crazy.
Sunshine teases me.

Right, I'm off to write my flipping essay.