The Creamery, Minehead

Despite being a lover of tea, cake, and food in general (I think I've mentioned this once or twice...) I'd never been to The Creamery in Minehead before this weekend. I did, however, end up going there on Saturday and Sunday, which is a pretty good indication of how much I enjoyed it.

The decor and music have a pretty authentic fifties feel to them, and they've managed to pull off the retro theme without straying into what I like to call ' dangerous cutesy-cupcake territory'. 

I loved the dresser full of mismatched cups and saucers. 

Decor is one thing, but we all know that it's all about the food. They have a counter full of meringues, cakes, cookies and scones, which all looked a-mazing. Between me and my friends we sampled the chocolate meringues, flapjacks, brownies and the fruit scones, and all of those tasted incredible.

The savoury food was good as well; this was the hangover-busting brie, bacon and cranberry toastie I had yesterday.

Obviously I tried the cream tea. I mean, obviously. It made it into my top three cream teas ever. And, trust me, I know my cream teas.

I had to pose for this photo with the second half of my scone, because I couldn't wait before tucking into the first half. 

I love it when I find somewhere new to visit, especially when the visits involve cream tea. I'll be back. Soon. Probably in the summer so that I can sit outside and try their ice cream.


  1. This place looks AMAZING! fancy sending me a scone :) x

  2. this place looks really pretty - i'm massively craving that toastie, it sounds so yummy. why are there never places like this where i live?! x

  3. Ooh there's a place like that here with fabby cupcakes, those meringues look amazing tho! :)

  4. I loved this place! And thanks for introducing me to cream teas, I am forever in your debt x

  5. That cream tea looks lovely! NOM

    Corinne x

  6. Must remember it's there more often. Was a lovely surprise, I always forget just how lovely it is x

  7. While the place looks absolutely adorable, the food looks SCRUMPTIOUS! I've never had a cream tea I don't think? I will have to try one sometime.

  8. Love it! Nothing beats a good cream tea! Yum! X


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