London Marathon 2013

It was sunny! And warm! And not too windy! Ahem.

On Sunday I watched the London Marathon for the first time ever. Well, the first time in real life, obviously I've seen it on TV. We watched from Greenwich, by the 7 Mile marker...

The elite men. I realise that this photo is flipping awful, but I wanted to prove that I actually made it out of bed in time to see them. Trust me, it nearly didn't happen. Mo Farah is in there somewhere. 12 points if you can actually spot him. I can't.

A tiger!

And onto the most important part of the race... Rhino count! I saw 14. Here's five of them:

Before the race started, I did think that maybe watching the marathon would inspire me to run it, but it really didn't... Everyone looked exhausted, and we were only seven miles in. Running is officially not for me.

Aside from all the marathon-based fun, I'll always remember Sunday as 'the day when I saw a crow decapitate a dead pigeon and eat the head'. There's an image for you to savour... 

Come home?

Most of the time I love living in London, but occasionally I think about going back to Somerset. It's not going to happen (not in the next five years or so anyway), but this is why I sometimes (briefly) consider it...

Good Stuff #7

It was my birthday two weeks ago, and that brought with it a lot of good stuff...

Hilarious birthday card from my brother and his girlfriend. It's so me!
Ink Bomb/Jagerbomb roulette. Still not 100% sure what an Ink Bomb actually is.
Dough sticks and a chocolate dip.
'Champagne' in a Kate and Wills mug. You can't buy class like that.

First ice cream of the year. IT'S SUMMER! (It's not summer.)
Nachos for the table.
Tea timer at Mystic Brew in Orpington.
Salmon and cream cheese bagel.

...and I got onto my (part time) masters course, and it's (finally) sunny out.

Life is good.

Spring Green Blog Swap

I love Char's blog swaps. I've done a couple of her Christmas ones, and a RAK swap last year. I love getting stuff in the post, and connecting with other bloggers. This one had a 'Spring green' theme. On Saturday I received my package from Laura at Corduroy Clouds...

She did really well on the £5 budget, and was much more imaginative with the 'Spring green' theme than I was... I ended up just getting green things! In fact, Laura's package completely put mine to shame... Sorry Laura! 

These were my favourite bits: cream rose earrings, a little cross-stitched bird, a ribbon-shaped puncher and a Yankee Candle wax tart. I'm burning the candle as we speak, and it smells gooooood.

Give me your links if you took part, I'd love to see what other people got.

Good Stuff #6

Here's March's pre-birthday good stuff...

Minehead's most eligible bachelor...
Two hearts, living in just one mind...
So my Dad is still liking the flask (and my brother's hat).

Graffiti art...
Is it a plane? Yes, yes it is.
Dinosaur bones.
Kirsty and a lion.

Tea and cake at Fee and Brown in Beckenham.
My Mum's epic Easter gift.
More cake. I love cake.
Hello Kitty cake. Mmmm, cake.

Birthday-related good stuff will be up next week!

The Creamery, Minehead

Despite being a lover of tea, cake, and food in general (I think I've mentioned this once or twice...) I'd never been to The Creamery in Minehead before this weekend. I did, however, end up going there on Saturday and Sunday, which is a pretty good indication of how much I enjoyed it.

The decor and music have a pretty authentic fifties feel to them, and they've managed to pull off the retro theme without straying into what I like to call ' dangerous cutesy-cupcake territory'. 

I loved the dresser full of mismatched cups and saucers. 

Decor is one thing, but we all know that it's all about the food. They have a counter full of meringues, cakes, cookies and scones, which all looked a-mazing. Between me and my friends we sampled the chocolate meringues, flapjacks, brownies and the fruit scones, and all of those tasted incredible.

The savoury food was good as well; this was the hangover-busting brie, bacon and cranberry toastie I had yesterday.

Obviously I tried the cream tea. I mean, obviously. It made it into my top three cream teas ever. And, trust me, I know my cream teas.

I had to pose for this photo with the second half of my scone, because I couldn't wait before tucking into the first half. 

I love it when I find somewhere new to visit, especially when the visits involve cream tea. I'll be back. Soon. Probably in the summer so that I can sit outside and try their ice cream.