14 Things That Make Me Hate A Man's Internet Dating Profile

Bad spelling.
Not starting sentences with capital letters. Or not ending them with full stops.
Calling me 'babe'. Or worse, 'bbz'.
Blatantly sending the same copied and pasted message to hundreds of women.
Sending me tankards of ale, but no actual words. Actually, this did make me laugh, mostly because I'm pretty sure that the bloke in question would not want to have to deal with me after I've been drinking lager...
Living 100 miles away from me. I live in London, I don't need to travel far to find a date.
Proclaiming that you, 'love an Essex bird'.
Saying that you, 'just want a nice, sane woman' (I'm halfway there...).
Having a username along the lines of, 'sexiboi2013'.
Pre-warning women about your massive dong (yes, I have actually seen this on a profile...)
Photos with shirt off.
A profile picture of you posing with your scary-looking dog and waving a £50 note (yes, I have actually seen this on a profile...)

Me? Fussy?

To be fair, all of the stuff above is 95% of the fun of internet dating. The actual dates scare me. 

10 Things I'm Loving At The Minute

I feel like I should probably write some kind of rambling life update-type post, but instead you're getting a lists. Which leads me on nicely to item number one...

Lists. Making them, but mostly crossing things off of them.
Gigs. I saw Bloc Party and The Lumineers recently, and loved both gigs. Bloc Party was my favourite, obviously. 
Getting excited about Reading Festival. Yes, I'm way too old for it and no, I don't care. Green Day! Biffy! 
Reading. I raced through The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns. Thoroughly recommend them.
Red wine. I know I'm not supposed to, but I think that's part of the appeal...
Being a tourist in my own town. 
Flapjacks. The shop next to the station sells really nice ones. I'm getting a bit obsessed. It's actually becoming embarrassing, I can't look the bloke in the eye anymore when I buy them. I'm on about four a week.
I never thought I'd say this, but I'm really into exercise at the moment. I bought a class/swimming membership and I'm trying to get loads of use from it. Helps to burn off the flapjack-related calorie intake.
Making birthday plans. Slate The Boys and Drinking Jenga aplenty!
Um, lists again. I really do like them quite a lot.

I'm still here!

Hello lovely people (and, I guess, not so lovely people).

I'm still here, and still wanting to blog but my internet is being rubbish... That's my excuse anyway. I guess I could go to the library and read/post but I'm just not that dedicated. I just thought I should let you know that I haven't fallen down a hole or anything.

I'm going to attempt to placate you with some songs....

Sorry for my rubbishness. Happy listening.