I Love Tweeting So Much I Made A Pie Chart About It.

I love twitter.

I know it's faintly ridiculous to have this much love for a social networking site, but I don't care.

Basically, I love to share, and twitter is a great place to do this. Five years ago I would have probably text a friend with these fleeting thoughts, but now I can share them with EVERYONE. Even some famous people. And a fictional pigeon. I've even drawn a graph to illustrate the kind of crap that I like to (over)share. I've done this because I am a) cool, and b) very good at prioritising the important tasks in my life. Ahem.

A Very Scientific Pie Chart To Show What I Tweet About.

I think the main conclusion that we can draw is that, if you follow me on twitter, your boredom/irritation threshold must be extremely high. Well done.

The other advantage of twitter over, say, facebook, is that on twitter no-one tags sweaty/chubby/ugly/decade-old photos of me and expects me to be grateful/amused.

Are you a twitterholic too?


  1. getting there.. slowly. mine would consist of 90% blog related stuff, 8% complaining to brands about stuff, 2% boring thoughts.

  2. I made a similar piechart for my blog a couple of months ago: my main concerns at that moment in time were Robert Sheehan's eyebrows and being crap at dating.

  3. That's so funny a pie tweet chart lol xx

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  4. I love Twitter, and I love pie charts! I'm sure 50% of my Twitter pie chart would be taken up by food x

  5. my OH has just seen this over my shoulder and said 'that could be you, but replace crisps with biscuits and the gym with wedding or cleaning'. This tickles me, but makes me wonder how much I talk about cleaning!

    love it!

  6. I love how you have a section for crisps! I get ranty about public transpot occasionally too, it's just so crap and smelly and don't even get me started on the people. Brilliant pie chart!

    Rhiannon x

  7. ha! love that chart! I go too and fro with Twitter, I think you get out as much as you put in and sometimes I find it too overwhelming to put in! I do think it can a be a very supportive community though when needed! x

  8. I'm a HUGE fan of twitter, I much prefer it to facebook! I like being able to connect with random people without it being weird/creepy!

  9. Haha, I love twitter. I am not as addicted as you though! Sometimes I can go a few days without sending a tweet, which makes me sad.

    Corinne x

  10. Just followed you after reading this! I loev that you made a pie chart - and yes it is a very important use of your time! :) xx


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