Good Stuff # 4

Here's what's been good in my world recently...

Having Wednesdays off! It's made a really positive change to my outlook on work, and I get to wear clothes that aren't strictly practical during the week. Woo! Which results in awkward mirror photos for the blog. You lucky, lucky people.

Gotta love a Monopoly spot. I am an unashamed board games geek. As long as people are playing by the rules...

I went to Canterbury last weekend and visited my favourite sweet shop. This coconut-covered marshmallow thing is a perfect pick and mix item: large, but light. Mmmmmm, pick and mix....

Spotted a pub in Margate that has almost the same name as my favourite Cardiff watering hole. Close, but no cigar.

This beast of a breakfast was bought for the princely sum of £2.87. Bargainous.

My little brother, the giant.

What's been good in your life this week?


  1. Actually taking photos of all the Monopoly places is an amazing idea!That breakfast looks yummy, minus the beans x

    Rhiannon x

  2. I'm such a Monopoly addict! Totally truly obsessed with playing (translate: winning) that game. I think I might just make it my mission to visit all the places on the Monopoly board – but I’ll probably give jail a miss xxx

  3. Nothing is good in my life this week as I am back at work after 5 days off. SAD SAD. I guess Thursday is good because that is the doff.

    Your brother is a giant. Hi.

    Corinne x

  4. hello! you really suit that dress - and your breakfast looks amazing! x

  5. I've never thought of spotting Monopoly signs before, I will now be searching for them every time I go to London! x

  6. Love that marshmallow treat!

  7. ooh that breakfast looks amazing!! Hehe I love spotting Monopoly board places :) xx

  8. That marshmellow looks amazing! So does that breakfast! Mmmm. Love your blog!

    <<New Follower!

  9. I love that dress! Glad Wednesdays off are working well for you :) x

  10. The visually orgasmic breakfast was how much?!
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