8 Sitcoms I Love.

I don't think I've ever mentioned it much on here, but I love comedy, particularly sitcoms. I tend to get a bit obsessed with watching sitcoms back-to-back. In no particular order, here's some that I love:

Fawlty Towers. Needs no introduction. Favourite episode? The Builders. 
Look Around You. You know those videos you had to watch in school science lessons? You know, the cringe-worthy ones that look like they were made in the early eighties? This under-appreciated BBC sitcom parodies them brilliantly. Gloriously geeky, and wonderfully irreverent.
The IT Crowd. Actually, the phrase, 'gloriously geeky, and wonderfully irreverent' would probably fit in just as well here. You can tell it's a Graham Linehan sitcom. If you loved Father Ted's surreal moments, give this a try.
The Royle Family. Hilarious, touching, and wonderfully understated. 
Blackadder. Not series one so much, but the others... It's probably the sitcom that induces the most 'laughing so hard I can't breathe' moments for me. That's quite a compliment, let me tell you.
Peep Show. Of all of the sitcoms on this list, Peep Show probably has the characters that I truly love the most. Eight series in, I'd watch it for the plot and the characters even if the writers stopped including the comedy. (Luckily, they have kept the funny bits in.)
Spaced. The original Pegg/Wright/Frost combo. Made all the better because it's actually a Pegg/Stevenson (ok, Hynes)/Wright/Frost combo. I just wish my film knowledge was a bit better so I could appreciate all the references. 
The Office. So well observed that it's almost depressing at times. Well, it would be if it wasn't so bloody funny. The characters are just muted enough to be totally realistic. You will start to care about these people like they're your actual friends. I recently re-watched this and it was even better than I had remembered. I love it when that happens.

Are you a comedy fan? What can you recommend for me to try?


  1. The office is one of my favorites, too! Both the British and the American versions. I'm sad this is the last season.


  2. I really want to re-watch The Office - it's such a long time ago since I first watched it and I think it's one those you can go back to and laugh all over again!
    The Royle Family is proabably one of my favourites too xxx

  3. It's bad the only series I have seen out of all them are Blackadder and Fawlty Towers. I love those shows! I do love the good classics like 'Allo Allo and Dad's Army

    Rhiannon x

  4. I haven't actually watched any of these regularly at any point... I definitely want to watch more Peep Show and The IT Crowd! x

  5. Gotta love The Office! You should try Garth Merenghi, Chuck & Weeds as well. Not such a comedy but the best box set for me - 6 Feet Under. Wow! x

  6. Hmm, I can't stand Father Ted and had a feeling I wouldn't like the IT Crowd either so I guess my instincts were right! Love the sound of Look Around You though, will look out for that. Have you seen Twenty Twelve? That was my absolute fave last year!


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