Weekend Wanderlust: Watchet, Somerset.

I'm originally from West Somerset, from a little town called Watchet. Yes, that's pronounced 'Watch-it'. In fact, during a particularly shit Saturday job I had as a teenager, I had to wear a 'hilarious' t-shirt that proclaimed, 'You've got to watch it in Watchet!' *shudders*

Silly names, crappy jobs, and emotionally scarring t-shirts aside, Watchet does actually have a few things to offer the unsuspecting visitor (who probably got lost on their way to somewhere else). Over the Christmas break I went on a few Christmas-calorie-burning walks around the town and snapped away like a proper tourist. 

We have a marina, dontchaknow? 

The West Somerset Steam Railway. 
Personally, I'd rather have something that actually connects to the national rail network, but you can't have it all...

Sometimes it's nice to look at your own town through the eyes of a tourist; it's far too easy to miss what's right on your doorstep.  


  1. It seems really quirky! It reminds me of a town that would have all the founders parties and everyone knows each other. Like in vampire diaries. Or Gilmore girls. Ha. Oh America.

    But I guess this is England so you probably don't even talk to the neighbours.

    Corinne x

    1. Actually it is a bit like that! Everyone knows each other... Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes it's a little annoying! xx

  2. I agree - I revisited a place that had been on my doorstep for years, but I had always cast it aside, until now xxx

  3. It's always fun to look at a place you know well through the eyes of a visitor. I'm jealous of your steam train though, I love the smell of them! x


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