The 100 Day Spending Ban.

Yes, I've unashamedly jumped on another blogger bandwagon. I'm about three days away from wearing disco pants and reviewing a Glossy Box (that's a lie, I'd never pay for a Glossy Box. Does anyone actually pay for a Glossy Box?). 

This particular bandwagon, however, suits me down to the ground at the moment, because I'm on a bit of a mission to reduce my expenditure. It's pretty simple really; 100 days of no non-essential spending. I started a few days ago, so I have to keep it up until April 24th. Easy! (Ahem).

Here's my personal rules:
  • Absolutely no buying of clothes, shoes or accessories.
  • No nail varnish, or any make up (except foundation, if I run out).
  • No toiletries, unless I run out of any essentials. Note to self: Soap and Glory hand cream is not actually essential.
  • No 'food on the run'. So, no paying for lunch at work, or buying sandwiches at train stations because I was too lazy to plan ahead.
  • No magazines.
  • No music, DVDs, or books.
  • No home stuff.
  • No stationary, unless it's absolutely necessary and I've made 100% sure that I don't already own the item in question.
Wish me luck...

Are you on a spending ban? How are you finding it?


  1. Well I'd have to disagree, Soap and Glory hand cream is absolutely an essential! I got so many smellies for Christmas I'd really struggle to find something I actually needed to buy. Love this idea but not sure I spend enough in the first place to make it interesting... Good luck! :)

    1. Yeah, I guess this is the easiest time of year to do it, because I have lots of Christmas gifts to use. Glad I bought the big Soap and Glory set in December! xx

  2. I should do this at some point because I keep spending way too much on clothes, I could always do a 'no ASOS' type thing though and I'd probably end up with about £500 more in my back a month!

    Corinne x

    1. Haha, I ordered my first ASOS purchase in the sales and I think I'd definitely be ordering more if I hadn't started the spending ban! xx

  3. Happy new year

  4. I definitely don't spend enough on luxury items to make this any kind of interesting, but good luck to you! I'm really enjoying your blog. I'm now following.

    1. Thank you, I've followed yours on Bloglovin. xx

  5. One of my friends did a similar spending ban last year and she managed it! It's a great insentive to save a little money and rediscover old clothes/make-up etc.
    Good luck.
    Oh and I so totally wouldn't pay for a Glossybox either LOL.


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