Positive Tension.

Before Christmas I got a lovely present from Alex, who was my blogger secret Santa (expertly organised by Char). The photo doesn't really do justice to the gift, which was a handmade, Northern Lights themed notebook. Blue is my favourite colour too, so it's pretty much perfect for me.

But what to use it for? I didn't want to fill it with to do lists (although I love those as well), so I thought I'd use it for my own version of the popular Jar Project. Which makes sense, because it's much easier to write things in a book than it is to fill up jars with bits of paper. Besides, what do you do with the jar when it's full?

So, I'm using the book to write down the positive things that happen each day. Now, I don't think this is going to cure me, or make me feel wonderful all the time, but it does help a little bit to go to bed reflecting on the good things that have happened. It also helps me to realise that there probably won't be a day where I have absolutely nothing to write. So, yes, it may not be the solution to all my problems, but I'll do anything that's a teeny, tiny step in the right direction...

Are there any little things that you do to help you stay positive?


  1. I try to stay positive by making myself get dressed, listening to happy music and I try to hang around with my friends/housemates so I don't dwell on things. Sometimes this can be hard when when all I want to do is lay in bed and feel sorry for myself.

    Thanks for recommending me the futureheads! They sound old old old, it kind of reminds me of a band I like called 'The Orion Experience'.

    Corinne x

    1. I'll have to look them up on youtube! xx

  2. What a lovely present :D You have definitely put it to good use aswell. I try to talk myself out of negative thoughts and think of the good things to come my way, or think of the things I have over come in my life, tends to help me :D


  3. I've been writing down at least one happy thing per day since Jan 1st, it's surprisingly helpful (I never was one for reflection) x

  4. What a wonderful idea :) hope it's get really full really quickly - because that will mean you've had loads of positive things to write in it :)

  5. What a great gift, and and even better way to use it!

  6. That notebook is fab - handmade gifts make for the most thoughtful. I had contemplated the jar idea, but books are far more durable/likely to keep forever xxx


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