12 Lists of Christmas: Shit My Family Says (The Festive Edition)

The shit my Gran says has been documented here not so long ago, but staying with my family for an extended period of time has thrown up another load of gems (and this time it's not just my Gran who's delievered).

Dad, trying to insult my brother: "You look like Pippa Pig!"

Mum, on the monarchy: "She's not had much of a life, the Queen."

Mum, trying to describe Fairytale of New York: "You know that bit that goes, you faggot, you maggot?"

Grandma: "Ooh, shortbread, lovely. I've got some nice cheese at home to go with that."

G (Grandma's boyfriend) on Sarah Millican: "I like that new comedian... That woman, what's her name? Mary Millicent! R wouldn't like her, because he doesn't like Jethro!"


  1. families really do say some really silly things at Christmas!

    Sarah x

  2. Haha, my dad had one this Christmas 'what's pigs in blankets?' :/

    We have these every year. He thought the were just called sausages wrapped in bacon.


    Corinne x

  3. Oh why don't people I know ever say anything hilarious like this. Usually I am the only person saying ridiculous things like this, and promptly trying to forget about them afterwards..

  4. Brilliant! Sometimes think I should keep a note of some of the gems my family comes out with too! x


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