10 Fake Christmas Photos

I recently explained why I love Fake Christmas so much, and this year didn't disappoint. Here's what occurred...

There's always room for Mint Matchmakers.

Normally we 'Rate The Boys', which is fun. This year we played 'Slate the Boys' which was much better. Yes, I'm bitter and twisted, what of it?

Everyone was super-generous with the gifts.

A slightly different take on the Christmas jumper... Arise, Sir Cliff.

@feebug enjoying her '100% unofficial' 2013 Cher Lloyd annual. 
Got to love a quality Secret Santa gift.

FOOD! I love food. Mmmmm, food.

This is my last Christmas photo dump for a while (about 11 months to be precise), I promise. Thanks for bearing with me! 


  1. I love the spectacular food photos... X

  2. You have just reminded me I have a box of matchmakers lurking and some weight left to gain...


  3. That Cliff jumper is hilarious!

    Thanks for your sweet words about CBT...so scared!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  4. I love mint matchmakers!
    And all of that christmas food looks so scrummy!

  5. That Chery Lloyd annual is such a classic! hahaha xxx


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