12 Lists of Chrstmas: 9 Reasons Why It's Better To Stay In On New Year's Eve

2011 was a bit shit. Actually a lot shit. In the run up to New Year's Eve last year, my friend K and I kept saying things like, 'Oh well, whatever 2012 throws at us, it won't be as bad as this year'. As it turned out, 2012 could throw a lot of shit at both of us... Another problem was that we both went to New Year's gatherings, and both spent the hour leading up to 12am trying (unsuccessfully) not to cry.

So, this year ,the rules have changed. No going out. No parties. And definitely, definitely, no tempting fate by saying stupid things about the year ahead. We're just going to have a low-key night in.

This is why it'll be better than a night out:

No crowds.
It's OK to cry. Let's face it, I probably will.
No being sober and bored while everyone else is drunk and 'hilarious'.
No waiting for a train home.
No pressure to have the best night EVER.
I can wear my onesie.
I can eat myself stupid.
It'll be much cheaper.
I won't be exhausted the next day.

Am I a boring old lady? Why, yes I am. Am I sort of proud of this? Of course.

What are your plans for New Year's Eve?


  1. Staying in with Chinese food, alcohol, and family :-). Happy new year! Xxx

  2. Same as yours really! Not a fan of going out on NYE, too many annoying people. Just me, my PJs and my glass of Port! Happy New Year! xx


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