Weekend Wanderlust: Berlin Shopping

I LOVED BERLIN. So much so that I'll be breaking my Berlin Wanderlust posts into three separate posts: Shopping; Museums and Galleries; Sightseeing on the Streets. 

Berlin's shopping is amazing. Unfortunately for me I went to Berlin at the end of my trip, and ended up with approximately 20 euros to get me through my last two days, days that I had stupidly allocated for shopping. Massive planning fail, right there. I didn't let my lack of money completely put me off shopping though; I managed to stake out a few shopping options for my next (and hopefully better funded) visit...

These pictures were taken in the Quartier Shopping Mall. The shops were way out of my price range (even if I hadn't run out of money!) but it's still well worth a visit. It's the best-looking department store you'll ever visit, I promise!

Near the Mall is the incredible Fassbender and Rausch chocolate shop. The chocolate smells absolutely amazing and tastes even better. Chocolate sculptures are dotted all around the shop; my favourite was the chocolate volcano pictured above. The photo doesn't really do it justice, but it looked amazing in real life, it had melted chocolate constantly pouring down the sides. 

Berlin is probably most famous for it's vintage and independent shops. I really liked Stiefelkombinat, Aus Berlin and Who Killed Bambi?The Ampelmann Shop was also something of a guilty pleasure. It's basically a whole shop full of souvenirs dedicated to the East Berlin traffic light man. I might have bought Ampelmann Christmas tree decorations.

My minuscule budget meant that I had to stick to hair accessories and stationery, rather than clothes and shoes, but I was still pretty pleased with my (tiny) haul. Everyone loves a good bit of stationery, right? I genuinely cannot wait to send a letter in my map envelopes.

This post doesn't even scratch the surface of the shopping opportunities that Berlin offers. I'll definitely be going back to discover more hidden gems!


  1. Wow sure does look like a glorious place to visit xxx

  2. Wow those chocolate sculptures look amazing.

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