5 Reasons Why It's Good To Have A Blog That No-one Reads

I follow lots of bloggers on twitter, I check my Bloglovin' obsessively, and try to comment as much as I can. Most of the blogs I follow have 300+ followers, and attract loads of comments. Sometimes I wish my little blog had a bigger following, but other times I realise that not having many readers isn't always such a bad thing. Here's why:

I've never met a hater. Let's be honest here: some people are bitches. The number of blogs I read that attract hateful comments astounds me. There seems to be a large number of people who have so little going on in their own lives that they get off on reading blogs and then leaving horrible comments about the blogger's weight/appearance/writing style/taste in clothes/the way they stand, etc etc. I'm so good at critiscising myself that I actually don't need any help, thanks.

I really do appreciate all my readers and commenters. Every comment genuinely excites me a little bit. If you're reading this, I actually do love you a little bit (not in a creepy way... Honest). 

It doesn't matter if I occasionally go a bit MIA. I'm not the most consistent of posters, and I think if I had a bigger following I'd probably feel a bit guilty about going missing every now and again. 

I can write about whatever I like. Accidentally dropping steak into my cidermy penny-pinching Grandmadetailed analysis of my all-you-can-eat consumptionshit homemade karaoke, I've (over)shared it all here. And if it's not really that interesting to other people, well, that doesn't really matter. 

I'm aware that writing this post is a bit ridiculous, because if it were entirely true then no-one would be reading it. But that's ok, because I really like irony


  1. No matter how big of a following I still think the principals of blogging remain, write about what you love and never feel guilty about doing so xxx

  2. Love this post :) Receiving comments always excites me so much too!
    I love when you over share things on here, those type of posts are my favourite! xx

  3. Love this post, I agree with everything you have said :)

  4. I love comments so much! Nothing brightens up my inbox more. I've only had 2 anonymous comments in my 4 years blogging, one commenting on my grammar which was fair enough (but a bit annoying) and another commenting on the fact that I had lived with my boyfriend before we're getting married and it escalated into a big debate! It wasn't nice! I don't know how bigger bloggers cope who get their inbox flooded every day.


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