Weekend Wanderlust: Northern Lights

Unfortunately (for me) today's Weekend Wanderlust is more wishful thinking than review! Although I spent six months living in Norway in 2009, I didn't get to see the Northern Lights. I did spend a month in the dark, but wasn't quite far North enough for the aurora borealis.

I've been thinking about maybe planning a visit in February half term next year. I want to go back to Norway anyway, and I do have a friend (and her baby) there that I need to visit, so I could possibly, maybe, just about justify it... I'm thinking that I might go to Tromso for a few days and then heading South to visit my friend. There are many, many reasons not to go (lack of money is the main one) but for now, let's just concentrate on the pretty pictures:


All together now: Oooh, aaaah...


  1. Oh goodness, the Northern lights are such a dream! <3 I would love love love to visit!

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  2. They are so beautiful :) I am hoping to catch a glimpse on my holiday to iceland this winter! xx

    1. Jealous, I've always wanted to go to Iceland! xx


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