Weekend Wanderlust: Manchester

Not quite as far away as the previous two destinations, but still very much worth writing about...

...BECAUSE THERE WAS A BAR WITH BEER TAPS AT THE TABLE. Yes, that did merit the capital letters; in my opinion it's worth shouting at. Called Taps, it's, well, it's a bar with beer taps at the table. Seriously, if you're not already feeling excited about this then we probably wouldn't get on that well in real life. BEERY TAPS.

We did manage to fit in something slightly more civilised, namely a trip to Lyme Park, where the BBC filmed Pride and Prejudice. The house and gardens were beautiful, although I feel like I should confess that my favourite part of the visit was dressing up and 'performing' on the small stage inside the house (bet you thought for a second that I'd had a mature, cultured National Trust outing...). Although I've put the word 'perform' in inverted commas, we did do a song and dance routine, once we'd, you know, pushed our way past all the children. 

So there you have it, my Manchester highlights. Even if beer taps and Colin Firth aren't your thing, I'd definitely recommend it for a weekend away. There's fabulous shopping, drinking and eating everywhere... Unsurprisingly, I ate a lot. I'll leave you with the following thought: BEERY TAPS.


  1. Beer taps at a table?? I need to go there! I have questions, loads of them, I need to experience this in real life! Beer taps!! xx

  2. lovely post!

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  3. Beer taps at the table?! My boyfriend would be drinking straight out of them! :p xx

  4. Mancheser has improved a great deal since 1961! Haha


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