Weekend Wanderlust: Gdansk

Last month I was lucky enough to be able to travel for three weeks, after saving hard for most of the year (and having a job in a school, which gives me lots of holiday time). I love exploring new places, and the trip has inspired me to blog about my travel tips, experiences, and also to write about the places on my wishlist for future holidays... Welcome to Weekend Wanderlust.

First up: Gdansk, a small yet vibrant Polish city on the Baltic coast.

Gdansk has lots of old merchant's houses, like the ones in the picture above, and I loved walking around in the sun and taking insane amounts of photos of them! The 'Roads To Freedom' exhibition (about the shipyard strikes and Solidarity movement) was brilliant and well worth a visit, but the other museums and galleries I went to weren't particularly mind-blowing. For me, Gdansk was all about wandering around, sitting in cafes, and people watching. And I can't think of many better places for doing just that.

Gdansk is part of a 'tri-city' area incorporating Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot. Sopot's beach and pier were pretty impressive and really easy to get to from central Gdansk. I also went to the fishing village of Hel (which you can see in the middle picture). I think that on a sunny day Hel would be worth visiting, but I personally enjoyed the boat ride much more than the time I spent in the village itself. I did really enjoy being on the coast though, especially as it was quite unexpected; I don't know about you but I never really thought of Poland as a particularly 'seasidey' place.

I stayed at the Grand Hostel in Gdansk, which I would recommend. It was fairly quiet compared to some hostels, so maybe it wouldn't suit you if you like to party every night, but it was really clean and comfortable and the staff were lovely.

My favourite places to eat and drink were Original Burger (guess what they serve) and Cafe Factotum (for amazing coffees, milkshakes and cocktails).

Have you ever been to Poland or to Gdansk? Does it sound like somewhere you'd like to visit?

Next weekend I'm taking you to Krakow, you lucky things.


  1. I've never been to either places but would love to. Likewise with Krakow, I can't wait to see your post on that x

  2. I would love to be able to travel a little more, so many interesting and unique places to see. With every trip comes a new memory xxx

  3. What about your recent travels to the North West! CULTURE LIVE! beery taps, historical dressing up, vast amounts of cheese....a sure fire compelling read!

    Loving your blog by the way!


    1. Aw thank you!

      A Manchester post is in the pipeline, don't you worry (BEERY TAPS!)


  4. i've never even heard of this place! I need to get myself travelled! x


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