Paralympics 2012

Wow. Just wow. I didn't really know what to expect from the Paralympics. I knew it would be good to see the stadium and the Olympic park, but I wasn't really sure if the atmosphere would be the same as it was for the Olympics. I needn't have worried, there was absolutely no sense of these events being secondary to the main Olympics. The park was packed, the stadium was almost full and the atmosphere was indescribable (or maybe it was describable, but I don't have the requisite word power!)

I cried. Obviously.

Last week I went to see athletics at the Olympic Stadium in Stratford. I did as I was told and turned up two and a half hours before my event to get through security. I got through security in approximately four minutes. Being there so ridiculously early did have its advantages though, because I managed to get tickets to go up the Orbit (that weird looking red tower next to the stadium) and I managed to visit the Coca Cola music thingy before the queues got too ridiculous!

It's me! Near the Stadium! With an actual Paralympic torch!

I couldn't quite believe how good my seats were when I got into the Stadium. I was in a bit of an awkward spot, granted, but I was also sitting in the second row. £20 well spent, in my opinion. I loved the fact that the focus wasn't really on the disabilities, at least not in a pitying way; this was world class athletics. I guess I know more about disabilities than the average person because of my work but, still, the Paralympic games have genuinely changed my perception of disability.

I also ended up going to The Mall to see the wheelchair marathons (seriously, when did I get so into sport?) That was also amazing and everyone really got into the spirit. I think the glorious sunshine might have helped a little with that.

I came away from both of these days feeling so humbled and inspired. If these athletes can have the motivation and dedication to succeed in spite of (or in some cases, because of) their disabilities, then why can't I?

P.S. If you think this post is a little bit photo-heavy, bear in mind that I actually took 300 photos. This post is restrained, damn it.


  1. Looks amazing. Love the photo of you with the torch. 2012 - a great year for sport. x

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