Olympics 2012

I was a bit late to the party with the Olympics this year, which was all my own fault for deciding to leave the country (I was sulking after not getting the tickets I'd applied for). However, upon returning to the country it became clear to me that Olympic fever had swept the nation and it felt a bit rude not to get involved.

On Closing Ceremony Day (or, George Michael Is A Div Day as it shall henceforth be known) we headed up to the South Bank to soak up the Olympic atmosphere...

Excitingly, I have tickets for the Paralympics! Obviously I will be manically snapping away and sharing my photos here. Even more excitingly, the Union flag headband might just make another appearance...


  1. Jealous of your paralympics tickets! What events are you seeing?

    1. Athletics. I can't wait to get inside the stadium! Also, I'm going the day before I go back to work after the summer holidays so it'll be a nice distraction for me!


  2. Oh gosh Olympic fever! Must admit I really enjoyed the whole start to finish. Have a fabulous Paralympics and be sure to report back xxx


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