Charity shop haul: John who steers the boat...

Last weekend I went to visit my Mum and Dad in West Somerset. One of the highlights of such visits (apart from seeing my delightful parents, hi Mum) is visiting Watchet's craft and charity shops. There's one charity shop that's a very rare breed these days; you can still find some absolute bargains. No Primark tops for £5 each here, oh no. Here's my mini-haul:

Brown leather (I think) Antler bag. Really high quality, looks hardly used. I love the colour, and I'm thinking it'll make a great laptop bag.

I'm a massive travel/transport geek, and I particularly love trains. I'm going to read all about the Trans-Siberian express and fantacise about future trips.

Yes, it's a duck. Not just any old duck though, it's a replica of Rosie and Jim's feathered friend. Altogether now: QUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!

And the best thing about this haul? The price: £3 for the lot. Now that's how charity shop shopping should be.

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  1. That bag is AMAZING and I am far too envious of your duck!


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