Do you remember the first time? #3

My 30 Before 30 target of 'doing something new every week' is progressing nicely, so here's the latest instalment of new stuff that I've done over the past few weeks... I have:

  • Watched Back To The Future (I know, I know, my film knowledge sucks ass).
  • Been to a gig at Troxy.
  • Been on the Thames Clipper.
  • Eaten waffles in a fifties diner.
  • Played the didgeridoo (quite successfully for a first attempt!).
  • Went to Chessington (this list is basically just a way for me to point out that MY JOB IS AWESOME).
  • Discussed my teenage issues (I've seriously never done this before. It was bloody hard.).
  • Made paper birthday cake bunting (tutorial to follow soon).
  • Eaten at the Pear Tree in Cardiff.
  • Had an iced mocha (another win for Costa).
  • Watched a film in 3D (again, I'm a little, OK a lot, slow on the uptake where films are involved).
  • Bought a sewing machine (the cause of much excitement in my little brain).
Not a bad list, especially as it's not all food-related this time!

Have you done anything new recently?

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  1. I must do this, I keep telling myself I want to make a list, but always seem to put it off. Well done on doing lots of things, I love my sewing machine too xxx


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