Eatin' round the world.

One of my 30 Before 30 challenges was to sample every cuisine in Red Hot World Buffet. I did it. It was simultaneously a little bit gross and a lot incredible. Terrible sentence, but you know what I mean. Just to prove that it happened, here's some (relatively poor quality) photos. And, yes, I am aware of the irony of posting this on what is usually my Where Are My Knees pledge update day!

Mexican (4/10, nachos a bit broken up and salsa too watery).

Pancake round (7/10, not quite as good as usual because they had crispy chicken instead of duck), English (2/10, cottage pie was overly herby) and Japanese (8/10, nice and fresh, would have scored even higher if I wasn't comparing it to Tenkaichi the night before).

Indian (9/10, amazing coconut chutney and the best all-you-can-eat naan breads ever), Thai (7/10, hard to judge because I only had the stir-fried vegetables, but they were good), Chinese honey chicken wings (9/10).

Italian/Mediterranean (8/10, pizza was very average but the salads and olives were really good).

Pudding mixture (8/10, much better than any other all-you-can-eat desert offering, the gulab jamun was especially good).

Tropical sorbet (9/10, because there's always room for sorbet, and another brownie).

Mission accomplished! So proud of myself. Hope the rest of the 30 Before 30 challenges are as fun...

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