WAMK: Hold it for HOW long?!

Last week I started my new programme at the gym. It feels really good to be doing more challenging exercises, because I'd been doing the old programme for a while and it had become a bit too comfortable. The new circuit really focuses on my legs and seems to involve a LOT of squats (and then holding the position for a ridiculously long amount of time...). Well, I probably only hold it for about 10 seconds but it feels ridiculous!

I didn't do a weigh-in this week because I've been really busy, but I've been eating quite well. I do seem to be in the habit of having unhealthy weekends, so I'm not expecting major weight loss any time soon! I also tried to give up snacking for lent, but this only lasted for approximately 12 hours. I honestly wish that was an exaggeration! I've said it before and I'll doubtless say it again: I love food.

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  1. I would never ever be able to give up snacking!


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