Do you remember the first time? #2

Right, it's time for more firsts. If nothing else, it shows that I remain dedicated to completing my 30 Before 30...

Here's the new things I've done during the past few weeks (lots of food-related things, as usual!):
  • Went to Camden with Beth, Jenna and Fee.
  • Won a pancake race.
  • Ate a Harvester platter (worth every one of the 990 calories).
  • Ate an Easter egg in the cinema.
  • Ate at Cafe Rouge.
  • Helped my Mum lose her Nando's virginity ('That's good chicken.').
  • Worn size 10 jeans as an adult (proof that I don't eat quite as constantly as this blog might suggest!).
  • Visited Canterbury.

I have a few more new things in the pipeline for the next couple of weeks, and if all goes to plan I'll be able to tick off a few more 30 Before 30 goals very soon...

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