A Canterbury Tale.

Last weekend I went to visit my brother and his girlfriend in their new flat in Canterbury. My Mum and Dad came too, which was good because, a) they gave me a lift and b) they bought me dinner and breakfast. And, you know, they're good company. (I had to write the last bit because my Mum reads this... Hi Mum.)

I've never been to Canterbury before but I'd been told by a few different people that it was nice, and I wasn't disappointed. Lots of cobbled streets and old buildings. And lots of pubs. And a Cath Kidston shop. And my brother gave me a Cath Kidston voucher for my birthday. Score.

Here's the pictures:

Had to include a food picture at some point, and that is pretty much my ideal breakfast. I also had some top quality Pick and Mix, including coconut marshmallow squares.... Amazing, and a good size-to-weight ratio, which is important in a Pick and Mix item. Needless to say, the weekend brought with it a pretty epic diet fail. But that's what weekends are for, right?

Did you get up to anything exciting at the weekend?

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