Wish List I

This month I'm supposed to be being frugal (it's a whole moving house story, which I'm not gong to bore you with). The problem with deciding to be frugal is that you suddenly want to buy everything. I've already bought Maccabees tickets today, so my debit card needs to stay firmly in my purse. After all, that holiday fund ain't gonna save itself...

Here's what I mostly wish I was buying:

  • Tickets to The Great Escape in Brighton.

  • A netbook. I am currently in desperate need of a computer.

  • A new pair of Converse. Mine are far past the point of 'acceptably scruffy'.

  • A new hair cut. I will probably cave in and buy this.

Does anyone want to buy me this stuff? No? OK then.

(BTW, I'm aware that this post is totally #firstworldproblems.)


  1. I'm trying to be frugal too and failing!

  2. I'm always trying to be frugal and always failing. Its so difficult :(

    Don't be expecting any of these in your RAK haha x

  3. I had a bit of a trainer binge last year so I am banned this year from getting anymore!
    I nominated you an award at my blog x


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