A bit of versatility never hurt anyone.

On Wednesday Claire from Another Girl, Another Planet gave me the Versatile Blogger award. For some reason it's taken me four days to post about this... I'd like to blame my lack of computer but it's probably more down to laziness! Anyway:
The Rules:
Thank the blogger who sent you this award by linking back to their blog.
Share seven random facts about yourself.
Give the award to fifteen of your fellow bloggers.
Seven facts about me:
  • I was once nearly sick on Lenin's embalmed corpse.
  • I can hold a (brief) conversation in Norwegian.
  • I am scared of the hairdresser, but not of the dentist.
  • I hate packing. This is probably because I have moved house 11 times in the past eight years. And I'm moving again in two weeks.
  • I fancy Ian Hislop.
  • I love my job.
  • I once met the Chuckle Brothers. I'm worried that this means that my life peaked at age eight.

I'm going to break the rules slightly and only nominate five blogs. Not because there aren't enough great blogs out there, but because my brain is tired and doing links to fifteen blogs might just kill it. Here's my top five versatile bloggers:

A Daisy Chain Dream http://http://adaisychaindream.blogspot.com/

being little. http://http://littlebeinglittle.blogspot.com/

No Missed Opportunities http://www.nomissedopportunities.com

Sofia's Journal http://http://www.sofiasjournal.com/

t*rexes and tiaras http://www.dinoprincesschar.blogspot.com

Sorry for the ridiculous links, but the computer is not playing ball (I am currently blogging in the library. Don't laugh, I genuinely love the library).

Oh, and if you fancy a read about exercise and depression, I have a guest post up on Where Are My Knees today. (That's www.wherearemykness.blogspot.com... Hyperlinks are not my friend today.)

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