Follow Fursday

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I'm mostly recommending interiors and design blog...
If you like this kind of blog it's definitely worth a look. I love it because most of the stuff she posts really appeals to my tastes. Also, the pictures are great, which is probably a good thing because it's written in Swedish (obviously I love this but not everyone is as obsessed with Scandinavia as I am).
Here's three of my favourite posts:
The cosiest-looking bed I've seen in a long time.
I wish I was drinking my tea out of these:
Which kind of interiors tickle your fancy?
(Note to self: use phrase 'tickle your fancy' more often.)

Hey, where did you go?

On Saturday I bought something amazing. Well, it's amazing to me, you're entitled to form your own opinion. In this tube lies a map:A map of the world. A rather shiny map of the world, too. But why is it so shiny?

BECAUSE IT'S A SCRATCH MAP. Basically, you scratch off the gold foil on the countries you've visited, and reveal the colour underneath. Here's mine so far:

The only problem with the scratch map? It gives you a serious case of wanderlust. Get me on a plane. Now.

Lazy photo round-up #2

My final (for now) Occupational Health report. This feels like such an achievement... Everyone now agrees that I can cope with work. Yay!

A wonky picture of Camden lock. I took my three uni friends there on Saturday. We had such a good day, and it was great to catch up with everyone.
My curry. Yes, I will keep bombarding you with food pictures. I love food.
The snow on the pond in my local park. I LOVE snow.

Do you remember the first time? #1

As part of my 30 Before 30, I pledged to 'do something new every week'. Here's what I've done so far:

Have you done anything new this week?

In other '30 Before 30' news, I have put myself on the waiting list for a reading group, booked a tattoo appointment, and bought gig tickets for The Cribs and The Maccabees. Go me.

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo...

On Wednesday I went to London Zoo for my friend Jen's birthday. I was sooooo excited and it didn't disappoint. An added bonus was that Wednesday marked the one year anniversary of me being readmitted into hospital, so I was determined to make February 15th 2012 better than the horrible February 15th I had in 2011! (It was better. Although it could only have been worse if I'd been eaten by a lion or something.)

I'm not really that big on butterflies but the butterfly house was amazing. They flew around our heads, and the colours were really vivid. Moths, however, I'm still not a big fan of. Sorry, moths.
I seem to mostly have taken pictures of farm animals.
And onto my favourites, the fish (and the coral):
Yes, there really is a 'sexy' shrimp. He didn't look that sexy to me, if I'm honest:
All together now: We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo; How about you, you, you; You can come too, too, too; We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo....

The RAK swap!

On Saturday I got my RAK parcel ( from Leanne ( I was super excited to open it; let's face it, who doesn't love presents and getting post? She managed to get me pretty spot-on, I just hope she likes her parcel as much as I liked mine!
This is currently inside my book! I love the ribbon and the crown charm. I think my favourite thing has got to be the Blogger ring. Or maybe the bird necklace. Or possibly the doodling pen...

So true: A Follow Fursday with added deja vu.

Now this isn't the first time that I've told you that you should follow Just Little Things, but because I love it so much I thought I'd link you to a few of my favourite posts.

My personal list of little things also includes: the smell just after it stops raining, walking through freshly laid snow, and laughing so hard you can't breathe...

What little things make you smile the most?

Lazy photo round-up #1

Don't I look like my Mum? The advantage of this is that I know exactly what I will look like in 25 years time.

The infamous frozen orange dessert...

Kudos to my brother for finding a box of white chocolate Lindor. I LOVE.

WAMK: The results are in!

I've just come back from my gym review and...


I am so excited by this. Naturally, about 15cm of that went from my boobs (isn't it always the way?) and my arms and legs are pretty much the same as before, but I'm still so pleased. Seems like all that exercise has actually done some toning. Yay!

P.S. I stayed the same at my weekly weigh-in, which I'm happy with because I had a big loss the week before.

So yeah, it's all good. Sorry for gloating, but sometimes it's good to big myself up a bit. Just a little bit.

A bit of versatility never hurt anyone.

On Wednesday Claire from Another Girl, Another Planet gave me the Versatile Blogger award. For some reason it's taken me four days to post about this... I'd like to blame my lack of computer but it's probably more down to laziness! Anyway:
The Rules:
Thank the blogger who sent you this award by linking back to their blog.
Share seven random facts about yourself.
Give the award to fifteen of your fellow bloggers.
Seven facts about me:
  • I was once nearly sick on Lenin's embalmed corpse.
  • I can hold a (brief) conversation in Norwegian.
  • I am scared of the hairdresser, but not of the dentist.
  • I hate packing. This is probably because I have moved house 11 times in the past eight years. And I'm moving again in two weeks.
  • I fancy Ian Hislop.
  • I love my job.
  • I once met the Chuckle Brothers. I'm worried that this means that my life peaked at age eight.

I'm going to break the rules slightly and only nominate five blogs. Not because there aren't enough great blogs out there, but because my brain is tired and doing links to fifteen blogs might just kill it. Here's my top five versatile bloggers:

A Daisy Chain Dream http://

being little. http://

No Missed Opportunities

Sofia's Journal http://

t*rexes and tiaras

Sorry for the ridiculous links, but the computer is not playing ball (I am currently blogging in the library. Don't laugh, I genuinely love the library).

Oh, and if you fancy a read about exercise and depression, I have a guest post up on Where Are My Knees today. (That's Hyperlinks are not my friend today.)

Happy 200th post to me!

That's right, this is the 200th thing I've posted to my blog. I think that shows quite a lot of dedication on my part, especially since this blog is read my approximately 10 people (trust me though, I love you all).

I could have written something really profound for this post, but instead I've decided to be lazy and share some of my favourite posts. Lucky you!

Here goes...

Hope you like them!

Wish List I

This month I'm supposed to be being frugal (it's a whole moving house story, which I'm not gong to bore you with). The problem with deciding to be frugal is that you suddenly want to buy everything. I've already bought Maccabees tickets today, so my debit card needs to stay firmly in my purse. After all, that holiday fund ain't gonna save itself...

Here's what I mostly wish I was buying:

  • Tickets to The Great Escape in Brighton.

  • A netbook. I am currently in desperate need of a computer.

  • A new pair of Converse. Mine are far past the point of 'acceptably scruffy'.

  • A new hair cut. I will probably cave in and buy this.

Does anyone want to buy me this stuff? No? OK then.

(BTW, I'm aware that this post is totally #firstworldproblems.)

WAMK: The first weigh-in (eep!)

After having a ridiculously busy week (only time for one gym visit, Nandos, Wagamamas, a rather large samosa...) I didn't really hold out much hope for this week's weigh-in. So, it was with trepidation that I removed my shoes, belt, cardigan and glasses, and stepped onto the scales.

Miraculously, I lost 2kg!

Good news, obviously, but it does mean that the world of eating, exercise and weight loss remains a complete mystery to me...

Being old might suck.

I know it's not the clearest picture in the world, but I was trying to be subtle. It says 'Age Concern... Clip It! Toenail cutting service.' I think it's the jazzy name that scares me the most...

Follow Fursday

Do any of the following statements apply to you?

You feel like there's somewhere you're supposed to be every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5.30pm.

When you hear the name 'Frodo', you think of the Pikes' hamster before you think of Lord of the Rings.

You learned everything you know about diabetes from Stacey McGill.

If any of those statements do apply to you, then you need to check out

Dibbly fresh (am I remembering that right?!)

If they don't apply to you, I'm sorry.

(Sorry that your life is devoid of Ann M. Martin's seminal works.)