WAMK: Two out of three ain't bad.

Well, this was going to be my 'gym review' post, where I shared my good news about lost centimetres/lamented my lack of progress, but life got in the way. After a massive meltdown on Sunday night I was pretty much a zombie on Monday, and had no chance of making my review. And I can't reschedule it yet because I don't know when I've got a work meeting next week. So it's pretty much a massive fail on the gym review front.


I have done pretty well with not overeating. The keys to my success so far have been eating dinner off a smaller plate and making sure I eat enough protein (I am usually a carb-fiend).  Oh, and Options hot chocolate. Love that stuff. I did eat my feelings once this week, but I'm pretty proud that I only did it once, considering the kind of week it's been!

I've also not done too bad at going to the gym, despite the setback at the beginning of the week. I managed four times which I'm really happy with.

So, yeah... Go me.

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