Two brilliant things...

Me again. Just wanted to point you in the direction of two brilliant things currently floating around in the blogsphere:

  1. Char's Random Act of Kindness blog swap. I love kind people, and I also love getting things in the post, so I can;t really recommend this highly enough. If you want to sign up (and, frankly, why wouldn't you) the link is here.
  2. Ella's amazing moccasins. Feel free to buy them, but if you get the size 7's before I do (I think they're coming in next week), I might have to kill you. You have been warned.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend.


  1. Just as well I'm on a shoe buying ban then ;) x

  2. The RAK is brilliant :) I'm currently trawling the net for your gifts :) xx


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