30 before 30: Part Deux

Part two of my 30 before 30...

11. Go to at least 25 gigs. For about 6 months (in my student days) I went to a gig a week. These days it's more like two a year. I need to sort this out.
12. Submit a PostSecret. If you don't know what this is, you need to get yourself to www.postsecret.com right now.
13. Complete this round of CBT and put every effort into making it continue to work for me.
14. Enter my writing into a competition. I'm scared about this one, I'm not really very good at 'putting myself out there'.
15. Join a book group.
16. Read at least 100 new books. See number 15.
17. Read ALL the Babysitters' Club Books (and don't include them in the '100 new books'!). A childhood ambition, and an excellent suggestion from my friend Kirsty.
18. Buy a new album every month, and review it on the blog.
19. Get a sewing machine.
20. Get my hair professionally coloured. It's ridiculous for a 25-year old woman to be scared of her own hair.

Part three tomorrow...

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