I love risotto and risotto loves me.

OK, so the second bit is a lie but the first bit is definitely true! Here's the risotto I made to accompany our Eurovision experience:

Risotto fans amongst you may be interested to know that it contained garlic, onion, asparagus, chorizo and Gorgonzola.

It was seriously good (no humility here, folks).

WAMK: Zumba!

This week I managed to properly hit my exercise target my walking lots, being very active at work, going swimming and, most courageously, going to my first ever Zumba class. I've been vaguely meaning to try it out for a while, but I was given the push I needed when a weekly class was set up at my work. The fact that it was cheap, accessible and frequented by people I know robbed me of all my excuses not to go.

I did get quite anxious about going; I was worried that I'd look stupid in my 'PE kit', that I'd be too uncoordinated to follow the moves, and that people not doing the class would look through the doors and laugh at me.

In the event, all of the above happened, but it didn't matter. It genuinely felt GREAT. The kind of GREAT I feel when I'm bouncing around in a club dancing to my favourite music. Endorphin-releasingly brilliant. And I didn't even ache that much the next day, which is always a bonus.

Sorry if the relentlessly positive tone of this post is making you want to vomit, but it makes such a nice change for me that I really wanted to share!

Further reading: here's a link to the list of 'Where Are My Knees?' pledges, if you want to check out what other people are up to.

My rather sad, but brilliant, plans for tonight...

...involve Chat magazine, Salt and Vinegar Pringles, duvet on the sofa and a Grand Designs marathon on't telly.

The saddest part is that I genuinely cannot wait.

Supplementary Information

I'm well aware that my posting has been less than regular of late, and I PROMISE I will get back on it this week. I have an idea for a project that will give a bit more structure to the blog but more to come over the next couple of days/weeks/months (let's face it, we all know that my ability to procrastinate and delay these things knows no bounds).

In light of my lack of readable publishing, I thought I would just direct you to some of the bloggy/newspaper supplementy delights that I have been sampling today. Trust me, they're far more interesting that anything I could create right now.

Travel tips for getting an insider perspective on the countries you visit.

How one girl found her sperm donor siblings and father.

More beautiful pictures, this time called 'Away From Home'.

The Telegraph's 'Sign Language'. Funny and confusing signs from the UK and further afield. I just discovered this and I love it. I sense that minutes (OK, hours) are about to be wasted as I flick through the archives...


Sorry for last week's lack of update, I've been struggling to keep up with real life so blogging sort of fell by the wayside. Soz.

This week I've discovered My Fitness Pal and so far I loves it. Although this pledge wasn't initially about changing my eating habits, I decided that there was some definite need for improvement in that area and it made sense to tackle food and exercise at the same time.

So: MFP. You enter your current weight and height, and your exercise and weight goals. You then enter everything you eat and any exercise you do, and it does all the magic calorie maths for you. It hasn't exactly taught me anything new (I eat too many carbs, not enough protein and I don't move enough) but seeing it all written down makes it easier to tackle. And it's useful to have a realistic picture of the day, rather than, say, feeling guilty at about 7pm because you ate a chocolate bar earlier and then proceeding to think, 'Well, I've overeaten anyway,' and munching your way through a tube of Pringles and going to bed feeling shit. Ahem.

My Very Important Thoughts About Eurovision

1. Jedward somehow got good?! I mean, I always expected to enjoy their performance in a special kind of way, but the song was pretty good. Quite Gaga-esque I thought. Great production too.

2. In contrast, the production for Blue's performance was shit. We mock other country's entries for being 'Eurotrashy' but ours was one of the cheapest looking ones there!

3. Moldova... Oh, Moldova. You are what Eurovision is all about. I love you.

4. Graham Norton, you are funny. And quite possibly a bit drunk.

And one for the fact fans: Stereo Mike (from the Greek entry) was one of my brother's lecturers at uni.

Blogger, you disappoint me.

Well, really I disappoint myself.


1. Not blogging enough/at all.

2. Feeling like my arm had been cut off when I couldn't login for a few hours.

3. Losing my first follower. Having made it to the dizzying heights of 13, I'm now back to 12. Consider yourself to be amongst a very loyal, chosen few.

I'll try harder, promise.

Follow Fursday

I am once again reaching into The Lazy Blogger's Toolkit, and have come up with another weekly feature that will prevent me from actually having to think/be creative.

Without further ado, my recommendation to you on this, our First Follow Fursday is:

It's written by a hilarious New Yorker, Una La Marche and I basically have a massive blog-crush on it. It's a daily account of her consumption of snack foods/marriage/recollections of childhood indiscretions.

And it's very, very funny.

Adrian Mole: The Prostrate Years (Sue Townsend)

When I was aged 12 and one quarter, my Mum shoved a battered copy of 'The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole' into my hands. As one of those kids who inhales books, I got started on it straight away, and thus began the obsession. OK, so I didn't get some of the eighties references (to this day, I don't know who Malcolm Mudderidge is) but that didn't matter. I was hooked.

'Adrian Mole: The Prostrate Years' is Townsend's latest offering, but even so, I have to confess to being a little late to the party (it was published in 2009). In this book, Adrian is living in a converted pigsty with his wife and daughter. His (now remarried for the third time) mother and father live in the other half of the pigsty but, perhaps suprisingly, this turns out to be the least of his worries.

There's something about reading Adrian Mole books; perhaps it's the reassuring familiarity of the characters, or perhaps the way that Adrian's turns of ill-fortune and social awkwardness put your own into perspective. Mainly I think it's the way that Townsend brings her characters to life, turning the ordinary into something simultaneously heart-warming and hilarious. It's the literary equivalent of watching The Royle Family, and I love it.

That hedge looks like a rabbit!

Or, our walk to Sidcup. Here are some pics (please excuse the wonky-ness!):

An open letter to writers of TV advertising.

Dear TV advert writer people,

I am quite a lazy person, and consequentially I watch a lot of TV. An unfortunate side effect of this is that I also watch a lot of TV advertising. I try to blank it out but, more often than not, something penetrates my brain and annoys me. To this effect, I would like to make the following points to the following companies:

Confused.com: 'Confused.com' is not a verb. Therefore, the question, 'Confused.com about car insurance?' is invalid.

Apple: 'If you don't have an iphone, then you don't have an iphone' is a stupid slogan.

P&G: You do not sponsor Mums. You make some products that are sometimes used by Mums. And Dads, Grans, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, for that matter.

Colgate: I am beginning to harbour doubts about 'pro-argin formula' and whether it is an actual scientific thing. My spidey senses tell me that it is not.

There are no doubt many, many omissions from this list. Unless notified otherwise, assume that your adverts annoy me.

Yours faithfully,


WAMK: Um, yeah.

I'm going to be straight with you: this week I was rubbish at exercising.

We walked about 3.5 miles last Sunday and... That's it.

I can't really kid myself that that's enough. I just don't enjoy exercise that much. Well, the exercise itself is OK but this week I'm so unmotivated that I just can't be bothered with all the hoohah of getting ready and walking to the leisure centre.

Anyone got any ideas? I think I'd get bored of an exercise DVD and I can't afford a Wii Fit.

Meh. Must try (a lot) harder next week.

(My original pledge and the Where Are My Knees blog.)