Three things I learned this week from Sweet Valley High books.

  1. "It can seem really tempting to turn to drugs to escape...but it isn't the answer. It never is."
  2. "Say no to drugs."
  3. "Rich people aren't like other people, they hide their real feelings and pretend everything's OK."

Fair enough, like.


  1. Ah. Now I know why I show real feelings: because I am not rich. Dammit.
    I never read any Sweet Valley High books as a young 'un, and now I'm wondering if I missed out on a highly illuminating experience. Do you think it's too late? If I start reading them now will it save my soul? Will it?? :S
    And a very merry happy (almost) Christmas to you!

  2. It will destroy your soul... In a totally amazing way. You just need to suspend your disbelief a little (a lot).


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