Staying inbetween the lines.

The problem with ordering books for Christmas is that I sort of have to treat myself to a few. It's a sickness, I can't help myself. Anyway, I think my best (and most distracting) purchase was a colouring/doodling book. Basically, it's full of half finished doodles that you then colour in and finish off. I'm pretty sure it's not designed with adults in mind but I love it anyway.

Here's my first piece of handiwork (I decided to just stick with the colouring in with this one, got to take these things step-by-step, haha):

I am amazing at activities designed for 6-11 year olds, aren't I? Surely I can't be the only adult who loves colouring in?


  1. I spend a lot of time colouring in my own doodles, if that counts? ;)
    Is there a name for that sickness? I think I have it too, only mine is an all-year thing. Plus, I get antsy if I don't have a nice little pile of unread books. I blame amazon and it's second-hand sellers: it's so easy to think "it's not real money" when everything is over the interwebs...
    You're making me a little bit jealous with your colouring books. My mum used to buy them for my sister and I when we went on holiday, to shut us up on long car journeys. I distinctly remember a Magic Roundabout one, and I spent forever colouring in the individual strands of Dougal's hair with pink, purple, blue and yellow pencils. It was epic.

  2. Yeah I think that counts :)

    I used to love colouring books too. Do you remember the magic ones, where you painted water over the top of the picture and the colours appeared? Awesome.


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