Harvest(er) Festival

Today's main distraction came in the form of food. In my mind, possibly one of the best distractions ever. Today was my first ever Harvester experience. This may not seem much, but the important thing to remember is that I LOVE salad. Like, really love.

I ate: two bowls of salad, two bread rolls, a 'baby' rack of ribs (i.e. half a rack of ribs, not the ribs of a baby), half a chicken, rice, a corn on the cob, half a rocky road sundae. Mmmmmmmmmm. And I wore contact lenses and make up and I smiled and everything.

The best thing was that our bus went on a diversion so we had to walk most of the way to the restaurant, so I reckon I burnt off most of the Harvester calories anyway...

That's how calories work, right?

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