In case you're wondering...

...what's going on here, I'm turning this blog into my 'distractions' blog, rather than trying to create a separate one. To be honest, the content won't be much different, but I'm really trying to keep up the posting in order to distract myself from other things that are going on...

Novelty erasers and Cornish pasties? Nuff said.

Also, there was a Cath Kidston shop. Tunbridge Wells served me well.

Harvest(er) Festival

Today's main distraction came in the form of food. In my mind, possibly one of the best distractions ever. Today was my first ever Harvester experience. This may not seem much, but the important thing to remember is that I LOVE salad. Like, really love.

I ate: two bowls of salad, two bread rolls, a 'baby' rack of ribs (i.e. half a rack of ribs, not the ribs of a baby), half a chicken, rice, a corn on the cob, half a rocky road sundae. Mmmmmmmmmm. And I wore contact lenses and make up and I smiled and everything.

The best thing was that our bus went on a diversion so we had to walk most of the way to the restaurant, so I reckon I burnt off most of the Harvester calories anyway...

That's how calories work, right?


I ventured to Weston-Super-Mare today for some sea air (check out the obligatory cheesy seaside pic). The pier there has been rebuilt since it got burnt down in 2008, and the new amusement arcade is insane. I'm talking two storeys, go-karts, mini(ish) theme park rides, a soft play centre, and of course tons of those grab a toy machines (for the record, I didn't see anyone win).

As you can imagine I tolerated all of the above for about five minutes before feeling like I was going to faint/cry/vomit. Seriously, you should take me out on day trips with you; I'm fun.

The rest of the day was spent shopping. I did pretty well: a few Christmas presents; a three-in-one Judy Blume book from a charity shop; and possibly the cheapest Fake Uggs ever... £6.80, anyone? That's cheaper than slippers (and probably as waterproof).

What time is it? It's distraction time!

Poor Chicco, it's not really his time anymore, it it?

I've now copied all my content from the old blog onto here and I'll be doing all my new posting here too. I'll be using this blog to document all the distractions I manage to find to divert me away from my own thoughts. Setting this up tonight has been a pretty big distraction, although not a particularly relaxing one...

A more seasoned blogger would worry about a loss of followers in this situation, but I know that you 16 are a hardcore bunch. Don't let me down.

Driven to distraction.

Actually, that would be a far better title for this blog. Let me just have a quick google and see if someone else has claimed it... It doesn't appear that they have. Interesting. I should probably get on to that, which means that I probably never will (for the ironically-minded among you, I will probably get distracted).

Once again there has been a rather-too-long hiatus between blog posts, caused (as always) by my own rather-too-long periods of what would officially be termed 'low mood'. Throughout these periods I have been consistently advised to try and distract myself from my upsetting or disturbing thoughts. So I will.

And I will share my distractions with you, my lucky reading public.