Kerry Katona doesn't really do self-awareness, does she?

This made me giggle.

Book Swap!

When Char posted reviews of some of the books she'd read recently, I had a lightbulb moment (I do have them occasionally, honest) and suggested a book swap.

Last week these beauties arrived:

I can't wait to start reading them, and I'll let you know what I think (whether you like it or not!)

Stuff I learnt from watching Grand Designs.

  1. Don't use credit cards to finance the building of your house.

  2. Never, ever, EVER say, 'We'll be in by Christmas.' You are tempting fate and fate is not kind.

  3. If Kevin is 'revisiting' your build, you will have produced at least one child in the meantime. This seems so inevitable it makes me wonder whether or not Channel 4 slip fertility drugs into the water supply of the houses involved.

  4. Making the structure watertight is, like, REALLY important.

  5. Set your budget. Then double it.

  6. Laying underfloor heating takes ages. Without wanting to sound like my Mother, surely it would be more efficient to just put a jumper on?

I was hoping to learn the secret of how Kevin McCloud manages to be irritatingly smug, yet intriguingly likeable, at the same time, but alas I did not. Clearly the man possesses some kind of special power.

Follow Fursday II

Wow, I'm actually doing this for the second time? That's practically an actual, regular feature.

This week I'm mostly recommending...

She's an artist and photographer and this blog is basically a showcase of her work and home. I love bright colours and have an unhealthy obsession with patterns, so I just find her blog incredibly visually appealing. Plus, I am mega jealous of how she's made over her flat using coloured paper. Go on, have a nosy.