Everybody Needs Good Neighbours.

My friend Jen and I made this badass cake a few weeks ago for another friend's birthday. Obviously (well, kinda obviously) it's a Neighbours themed cake, but can you spot:

  • Harold's tuba?

  • The Salvation Army shield?

  • Billy and Anne's famous tent?

  • Scott and Charlene?

  • My spelling error?

  • Dr Kennedy?

  • The Scully sisters?

In case you're wondering, the red haired lady with the big boobs is my friend, not an obscure neighbours character.


  1. Your cake is amazing, very cute!

    You obviously possess fabulous cake-making skills! :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. Haha, thanks. I wish I could say it tasted good, but it mostly tasted of food colouring. Oh well! x

  3. spelling error = ramsey????? not sure!

  4. Yeah. The shameful thing was that I'd just googled it.

  5. Oh I love this! The spelling error & the tuba are the only bits I could see, as I wasn't watching it when Billy/Anne/Scott/Charlene were watching it, and I'm not sure who the second Scully sister would be but I'm guessing the first is Steph...?

    Amazing cake though! Well done!

  6. Haha, the other sisters were Michelle and Flick. Flick is the one in the crop top, if you can see the pic in that much detail... We took the cake making pretty seriously! x

  7. You can tell - it really paid off!!

  8. ^^ tee hee! I love how Flick is the one in the crop top. I had a friend who was slightly obsessed with Tad. She'd record all the bits with him in (on VHS, naturally), and had Tad Tapes.

    I haven't seen Neighbours for ages. I'm assuming Doctor Kennedy is still there, right? Is he with Susan just now? Are they divorced/re-married/swinging?

    I can't watch House without constantly thinking "Awww...little Billy all grown up!!!"
    I quite want this cake. I reckon there's a business out there for Neigbours cakes. You know, how people can pin point areas of their life/growing up with certain plotlines of Neighbours? You could sculpt people's most memorable scenes, sort of like "Remember when I asked you to marry me and Billy took up smoking and Susam made him smoke a pack of cigarettes to put him off?? Happy Anniversary!!"

  9. Oh yes, Karl & Susan are very much still there (if anyone's watching this from Australia and they've left, PLEASE don't tell me!), and together! Pretty much everyone else seems to have changed though.. Except Toadie & Paul..

    Love the anniversary analogy. Don't think I've quite lived enough yet to have that sort of experience though!

  10. I actually watched an episode yesterday for the first time in months, and I can confirm that Susan and Karl are still going strong(ish). I remember Tad! Oh, I really want to make more cakes now... Where is my roayl icing?!


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