Everybody Needs Good Neighbours.

My friend Jen and I made this badass cake a few weeks ago for another friend's birthday. Obviously (well, kinda obviously) it's a Neighbours themed cake, but can you spot:

  • Harold's tuba?

  • The Salvation Army shield?

  • Billy and Anne's famous tent?

  • Scott and Charlene?

  • My spelling error?

  • Dr Kennedy?

  • The Scully sisters?

In case you're wondering, the red haired lady with the big boobs is my friend, not an obscure neighbours character.

Step onto the scales, please.

I just found this amazing blog post about how much different women actually weigh. I found it really liberating to read, and the best thing is realising that all the women look great.

Things That Caught My Eye At Tate Modern

Andy Warhol prints.

Soviet propaganda posters.

Juxtaposition of permanent sculpture and disposable fashion.

Ai Weiwei's Sunflower Seeds.

If you see it, say it.

Catchphrase is hard. I'm watching an episode on Challenge (yeah, it's Friday night, what of it?) and I haven't got a single one right yet. And we're halfway through. Also, Roy Walker is not as funny as I remembered; he seems to have a bit of a 'mad uncle' vibe going on.

This, coupled with my new found love of Absolute Radio 90s (and some, er, recent events), may be pointing towards a mid-twenties crisis/denial about turning 25 next week. Hmmm.

OMG, it's the Ready Money Round!

Little Moments (three)

Surprising reassurance.
Holding hands in the dark.
Comfort in new old friends.

Little Moments (two)

I’m on fire!
Glancing at you;
Euphoric together.

Keep On Moving

Little Moments (one)

Recently, as the bigger picture has got scarier and scarier, I've been thinking lots about the little moments in my own history. I'm going to be brave and share some, so be kind. Here's one:

You say it.
No, you say it first.
Robot costume discarded in the rain.

Someone is ALWAYS worse off than you...

...and a quick glance at Coleen Nolan's Daily Mirror problem page (yes, I'm addicted) can confirm this.

One poor woman's fiance married someone else in Vegas. And she's not sure whether to dump him?!

There's another one about a girl who likes a boy, cos they have loads in common, except she's not sure what to do cos he has greasy hair and, like, her friends will be mean about it.

Awww, I kinda miss the days when that shit was important.