A is for...

Ages ago (we're talking August) Gavin introduced me to the concept of Alphabet Dating. He'd heard about it on TalkSport, which makes this the one and only time that sports radio has impacted positively on our relationship. Basically, you and your loved one go on themed dates, working your way through the alphabet. We decided we'd take it it turns to plan the dates, with him kicking off.

Being busy people and all, the first date actually took place on a cold November Sunday. In this case A was for...
Angel. Being a hardcore Monopoly fan, I was quite excited at the prospect of having a drink in The Angel, Islington. I became less excited when I realised that it's a 'Spoons. So I settled for an overpriced diet coke in the far nicer pub down the road.
Arsenal. Bit of potluck, really. We wandered up to the Emirates Stadium, then down the road we found a cool eco-park with lots of outdoorsy mosaics, recycled windchimes and the like. You know the kind of place.
Angela. Of course we couldn't resist hopping back on the Northern Line for a quick pint in the Griffin. No photos but it definitely happened.
I organised the B date. We went to the British Museum a couple of weeks ago. I think it went OK, to be honest I was there in body but not in mind. Hopefully by the time C rolls around (April? May?) I will be ready to properly document/remember it.


  1. I would like to point out that I did not hear this on Talksport, but on the Guardian Football Weekly podcast.

    If I was taking date ideas from Talksport I'd have taken you out in my white Vaaaaaaaaaaan to the Big Red Building on Golders Green Road and then left you there as I went to watch the football.

  2. That makes more sense. Would you at least have bought me a pint of Bow?


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