Let it snow, dammit!

First, the usual confession: it's taken me rather a long time to get around to posting these pictures from the very beginning of December. I do have a fairly good excuse, albeit one that I will not be sharing with the online world just right now. I will try harder in the future, I promise.
All that needs to be said about these pictures is that I frickin love snow. One of my favourite ever photographs is of me and my brother playing in the snow, just because we both look SO excited and happy. My expression on snowy days hasn't really changed much since! In case you were wondering, Gav's cycle in the snow did not end sucessfully.

God, I love biscuits.

I really do, perhaps a little too much. I just ate five chocolate digestives (what can I say? It started off as two). In honour of this pure, biscuity, chocolately, slightly guilt-ridden love I have decided to regale you with a list of my top five biscuits.* Lucky you. I like to put these things together just so I know, y'know? It takes me a long time to decide and I like to be prepared so that when, inevitably, someone asks me what my favourite biscuit is, I have an answer to hand. And not just any old answer, the correct answer. Cos there's nothing worse than having a proper think about it later and realising that you accidentally told a biscuit-based lie.

So here it is:
1. McVites Milk Chocolate Digestive.
2. McVites HobNob. Must be non-choclatey. The chocolate HobNob was, to be honest a bitter disappointment to me because I thought it would be the ultimate biscuit, yet something was missing. I think it had a slightly salty taste, but I can't really remember because I can't bring myself to try another one. To be fair, it's probably a perfectly nice biscuit.
3. Fox's Golden Crunch Creams. Just mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
4. Bourbons (any brand).
5. Marks and Spencers White Chocolate Shortcake Ring. I think you can only get it in a selection pack. Good excuse to eat a selection pack.

* For the purposes of this list, 'biscuit' is defined as a flat, sweet snack that can be purchased in a cylindrical packet and 'snaps' in two when you break it. So no big cookies (the kind you get in the bakery section of the supermarket), no lunchbox bars (Clubs, Penguins) and definitely NO BLOODY JAFFA CAKES.

All Change?

Nah, not really. Just a case of matching the title to the content, which is much easier than doing things the other way around. And a way to motivate myself to actually post more. Onwards and upwards.

Wish me luck.

A Problem Shared...

...is bloody hilarious, in this case.

I just discovered Coleen Nolan's problem page section on the Mirror website. Check out these bad boys:

A man whose wife wants him to wear 'sexy pyjamas'. For the life of me, I cannot imagine what these pyjamas look like. The only clue we get is that they are 'bright blue and crimson'. The mind boggles.

Someone who found their elderly parents' porn DVDs and wants to know if they should ask them about it. That sounds like the world's most cringeworthy conversation, just waiting to happen. Why on Earth would you want to instigate it?!

A woman who wants to know if she can trust her boyfriend, who cheated on her during her pregnancy. Probably not.

A is for...

Ages ago (we're talking August) Gavin introduced me to the concept of Alphabet Dating. He'd heard about it on TalkSport, which makes this the one and only time that sports radio has impacted positively on our relationship. Basically, you and your loved one go on themed dates, working your way through the alphabet. We decided we'd take it it turns to plan the dates, with him kicking off.

Being busy people and all, the first date actually took place on a cold November Sunday. In this case A was for...
Angel. Being a hardcore Monopoly fan, I was quite excited at the prospect of having a drink in The Angel, Islington. I became less excited when I realised that it's a 'Spoons. So I settled for an overpriced diet coke in the far nicer pub down the road.
Arsenal. Bit of potluck, really. We wandered up to the Emirates Stadium, then down the road we found a cool eco-park with lots of outdoorsy mosaics, recycled windchimes and the like. You know the kind of place.
Angela. Of course we couldn't resist hopping back on the Northern Line for a quick pint in the Griffin. No photos but it definitely happened.
I organised the B date. We went to the British Museum a couple of weeks ago. I think it went OK, to be honest I was there in body but not in mind. Hopefully by the time C rolls around (April? May?) I will be ready to properly document/remember it.