I've invented a new game.*

I find songs on Spotify, then google the lyrics, thus creating my own private karaoke bar. Where I get to hog the mike all night long.

Try it, it's fun.

*OK, it's no Pasty Pursuit, but it keeps me entertained.


In September Marta came to visit and see Muse at Wembley. If she hadn't wanted to go I would never have got tickets, but I was very pleasantly surprised. I had forgotten how many classics they have in their repertoire. OK, the new album is silly (references to leaping over sea creatures would be unnecessary but appropriate at this point) but the atmosphere was amazing and, as you can see, it looked incredible:

The next day we went to the Tate Britain, where we saw this installation:

And Marta took photos:

P.S. Thank you for your patience re: my excessive photo dumping.

Something fishy's going on...

...or at least it was, when I finally dragged Gavin to the SeaLife Centre in Brighton. Unfortuatley, the visit ended with Italian Boy trying to kidnap a turtle, but here are the less dangerous moments (sorry for the crappy quality!)
Yes, that is a massive turtle humping a tiny turtle.

There was a boy...


Yummy stuff I made: roasted vegetables, dauphinoise potatoes and chocolate brownies. This is exactly why I will never be skinny. And exactly why I don't want to be.

A Walk in (St James's) Park

In May (yes, yes it's taken me seven months to post a few pictures) I went to St James's Park.
That's what I saw.

There's snow business, like snow business...

Today is a snow day! In fact, today is my school's first snow day for 10/18/33 years (depending on who's telling the story.) This is bad news for you because, while uploading the snow photos from my phone, I realised that I had neglected to upload anything since August. I am therefore going to subject you to a whole week of photo dumping. Ha. Snow days mean that I have time to schedule these things.

Starting with...
My aforementioned haircut. You know, the one that didn't emotionally cripple me.