I want to make one of these...


Why I Hate: Rachel Green

No real logic here, just pure, unadulterated bile.

1. Monica is right - Rachel does steal her thunder, with alarming regularity. Stealing Monica's baby name is the one that sticks in my mind... Could Rachel not think of any other names?!

2. She doesn't know her 'you're' from her 'your' (The One With The Jellyfish). I get irrationally annoyed by that kind of thing.

3. They WERE on a fricking break. Now, if that happened to me, I would of course be upset that Ross had slept with someone else, but I really don't think it's a deal breaker... Technically he WAS in the right!

4. The whole London thing? Just another example of how she acts in a completely selfish and arrogant way, AND expects people to feel sorry for her in the process. Grr.

5. She gets me this annoyed, and she's only a ficitional character.

Yes, I watch too much Friends, what of it?

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