Top 5 Tuesday...

...let's face it, this won't take off. It's no Beer Tuesday, after all.
However, let's do one anyway.

My Top 5 Blogs I Like To Read:

The Sassy Curmudgeon - Just flipping brilliant, really. Oh, and very funny. I would like to BE her.

The F Word - Lots of feminist discussion/comment/reviews. Very readable and always interesting.

James Ward: I Like Boring Things - I stumbled upon this a couple of weeks ago (I think I actually googled 'I like being boring' or something.) There's an amusing Argos pens saga that entertained me. But the main reason I follow is that the guy is a co-founder of STATIONARY CLUB. The next meeting cannot come fast enough.

To Miss With Love - Well written, amusing and realistic account of life as a secondary school teacher (and now, deputy head.)

Cheryl and Matt's Wedding Blog - Bit shameful this one. Basically, the girl who writes this is a friend of a friend. She blogs about planning her wedding, and my friend linked me to it because I was also planning. Now I stalk follow mercilessly.

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