Top 5 Tuesday...

...let's face it, this won't take off. It's no Beer Tuesday, after all.
However, let's do one anyway.

My Top 5 Blogs I Like To Read:

The Sassy Curmudgeon - Just flipping brilliant, really. Oh, and very funny. I would like to BE her.

The F Word - Lots of feminist discussion/comment/reviews. Very readable and always interesting.

James Ward: I Like Boring Things - I stumbled upon this a couple of weeks ago (I think I actually googled 'I like being boring' or something.) There's an amusing Argos pens saga that entertained me. But the main reason I follow is that the guy is a co-founder of STATIONARY CLUB. The next meeting cannot come fast enough.

To Miss With Love - Well written, amusing and realistic account of life as a secondary school teacher (and now, deputy head.)

Cheryl and Matt's Wedding Blog - Bit shameful this one. Basically, the girl who writes this is a friend of a friend. She blogs about planning her wedding, and my friend linked me to it because I was also planning. Now I stalk follow mercilessly.

Chilling out, maxing, and relaxing all cool.

This weekend, I did a big fat load of nothing. It was awesome.

Well, I say nothing. Obviously there was an epic Mario Party battle (which, upsettingly, I lost even though two of the other players were Boo and Luigi, both of whom were set to 'weak'.) Dammit. It's like a comma party in those brackets. I apologise.

At least I got the question mark star.

My shallow response to the Labour leadership contest.

Wow, Ed Miliband's nasal. Could his voice become more annoying than Michael Howard's? Does David have the same voice?

Oh God, his voice is going right through me...

What my husband is doing these days.